1MinMeditation - Lifestyle stress course

1MinMeditation - Lifestyle stress course

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In this courses  you will learn the 4 1MinMeditation 

  • 1MinMeditation stress methods and how to use them for your stress
  • 4 weekly 20 min Sessions with Lillian to review your plan and make updates for your customized stress toolkit
  • 4 weekly support accountability emails - Paired with sessions we will review your plan and I can address any adjustments and any coaching through challenges.
  • The 4 Areas of stress - Mental/ Physical/ Reframing Patterns/Affirmations
  • Video trainings for each area of stress
  • Worksheets to help you work through each training practice the exercise and get to the most helpful toolkit for your stress solutions.


When done 

You will come away with the 1MinMeditation methods as well as a customized plan that works for you from our customize weekly accountability. 


This course is for you if you realize that you have lifestyle stress and you would like to reduce it as well as show up happier and more present every day.

The goal is to change the norm of how you show up, making it easier to be stress free and give you the tools needed to successfully manage those emergency stress situations. 

Health & Joy

The 1MinMeditation Team