1MinMeditation Services

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1MinMeditation Video Training: – Series of 1-5min videos that focus on wellness topics to optimize your team. Choose the training topics or a bundle of trainings that best meet your staff needs and enjoy the easy to upload content for your internal platform and LMS systems that teams can easily access or download.

 Ex: Mindfulness & Stress reduction when short on time

1MinMeditation Videos: – These are 1-5min videos that can be paired with workshops or purchased stand alone to help with adaption of the new wellness solutions. They also serve as a powerful go to resource for your staff.

Ex: A 1min video that can be used for quick stress reduction

1MinMeditation Workshops – Interactive sessions that are up to 30min.  Participants walk away with implementable tools that help to solve the addressed wellness topic.

Ex: Self- care workshop for challenging times

1MinMeditation Wellness Classes– These are classes that, can serve as team events, are relaxing, energizing and reduce stress. Participants are taken through exercises that leave them refueled as well as equipped with exercises that promote their wellness.

Ex: Chair Yoga class 

How we partner with you and your team

Step 1: Speak with you to understand your needs

Step 2: 
Determine the topics that will be most helpful and that you wish to add to your wellness plan and programming (ex: stress reduction, increase engagement) 

Step 3: Look at the 1MinMeditation services to determine the most helpful combination for your organizations needs( Video trainings, workshops, individuals videos)

 We work with you to understand your specific needs to design solutions that can bring the greatest sustained impact as well as reversal or prevention of ailments that can negatively impact your business and employee population.

Sample Topics

Stress reduction | Yoga | Reducing Burnout | Self-Care| | Zoom Fatigue | New Hire Wellness trainings | Wellness team events | Boosting Immune system| Wellness for Caregivers

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