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Below are some testimonials shared by those that have taken one of the 1MinMeditation Services  


"I just want to say thank you Lillian this helped me so much in reducing my anxiety and it’s so easy that I was able to add it to my morning routine "

1MinMeditation Workshop - Session Participant

"Thanks again, Lillian for the insightful tips on regulating stress, and energy, and intention setting! If everyone was like me, then they were just a little too shy to speak up and say anything. But these are definitely practical things I want to use for my well-being. I also made the sweet potatoes after your suggestion :)"

1MinMeditation Workshop - Law Student 

"This one-minute meditation has been life-changing for me. I became familiar with it and you when reading the Skimm a few weeks ago. I am a kindergarten teacher and as you can imagine this back to school time has been very different and anxiety-filled at times. On Friday I took my lunch break in the supply closet(because we can’t eat in the staff room due to Covid) but did the one-minute meditation and felt more energy and calm as I headed back into the classroom. Thank you! Sending positivity from Maine! ❤️ "

1MinMeditation wellness videos - Kindergarten Teacher

“I’ve done some meditation in the past but at times I fall away from the practice, and it’s hard to get motivated to dive in again. This is such a lovely entry point. Thank you”

1MinMeditation wellness video- Session Participant 

“Thanks for this reminder. You gave clear and encouraging instructions and demos. Love your positivity.”

1MinMeditation Workshop - Session Participant

"I am so excited to have found you on TheSkimm. I immediately tried out the 1 minute meditation and then sent it to all 6 of my sisters and my son! Your energy is amazing and calm and joyful. Thank you"

1MinMeditation wellness videos - Session participant 

“I love this so much! Just tried it for 60 seconds and felt rejuvenated afterwards, almost like I just came out of a tiny nap. Thank you Lillian!” 

1MinMeditation wellness video on stress - Session Participant

"For Starting With Today's Jump Start Your Health Week, Lillian closed out of our week of virtual sessions with a beautiful intro to yoga session for our community. Lillian broke the moves down slowly, encouraged questions, and explained how the movements impacted our bodies. Lastly, she closed us out with her one minute meditation that was perfect! She was a total joy to work with from beginning to end, and we highly recommend her for your organization and community spaces!"

1MinMeditation Wellness class (Yoga) - From LinkedIn