1MinMeditation and our approach
We specialize in bitesize digestible and easy to implement solutions that bring impact and results for your organization. This helps your team adapt new habits with ease and enjoy increased health and wellness while also
contributing to your organizational goals.
What do we do
Program design, workshops and consulting aimed to remove the friction from wellness for your employees. We work to implement wellness in a tangible and sustainable way. 
Results and impact of the 1MinMeditation include:
  • Improvement in resilience during times of increased stress 
  • Increase in employee engagement 
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Approachable solutions that work for you and your team 
About Lillian 
Our habits are at the root of our entire life and by making the implementation of habit easy it is much easier for us to show up fully every day.

My name is Lillian Daniels and I am passionate about getting measurable and impactful wellness results. I am a certified yoga instructor trained in Thailand and I leverage my experience working in corporate (KPMG accounting firm and CPG leader Unilever) as well as my over 15 years in designing easy to adapt and effective wellness solutions. I look forward to helping to enhance the benefits and wellbeing of your organization 

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