Habit program - Video

Habit program - Video

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In this program we will review 4 topics to support your ability to enjoy wellbeing with ease.

Each section will have bite size training material as well as 1 one minute videos that you get to enjoy each day.

The Topics

  1. Physical Stress
  2. Mental Stress
  3. Time management
  4. Managing change with ease 

Support materials

  • 1 Pager implementation write up
  • Video series that are all less than 4 minutes for deeper learning


Our goal is to help you enjoy amazing transformation in your day to day quality of life. Through the adaption of at least 4 habits that you can with ease pull on for years to come.Through strategically chosen techniques and time sensitive support videos we have seen how this can help our corporate clients and we want to share that impact with you.

Mega bonus

  • 1 on 1 with Lillian - This 30 minute session is designed for deeper impact 

It is an honor to contribute to your wellbeing journey and thank you for choosing us. 1MinMeditation is dedicated to your wellbeing and providing support around enabling your daily Health & Joy.



Lillian & The 1MinMeditation Team

Upon purchase 

  • Book your Mega bonus session here (it will be up to 30 minutes) book for a date 8 days or more after purchase for greatest impact. You would have reviewed your program.
  • Program will Launch Monday August 14th during which you will receive all your materials and begin video content in an easy to digest manner.