15-20 Minute wellness sessions

15-20 Minute wellness sessions

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This is a mini relaxing and interactive session where participants will learn and
implement several 1MinMeditation techniques that participants can use anytime anywhere and how to integrate them into their day to day.

Great for:

  • Recurring same time same place moment of relaxation for teams
  • Kicking off meetings
  • Serving as weekly , quarterly or monthly series or as an ad hoc boost for your team
  • For your organization Mental Health Awareness, wellness or general support 

Below is an example a series done for Mental health awareness month.

  1. "Manage stress" -  1 Minute stress busters
  2. "Find calm anytime anywhere" - Breathing techniques that they can use for calm anytime
  3. "Increasing your focus" - Aim session on meditations that increase focus  
  4. "Release physical tension" - We will go through physical stretches