Workshop - 1MinMeditation signature Stress reduction Workshop

1MinMeditation signature Stress reduction Workshop

Time: 20 – 60 minutes

Topic: Stress management

Topic Description:

In this workshop we will learn and apply 3 breathing techniques that can be done in 1 minute. We will also connect these techniques to the work and real-life scenarios for participants.


This workshop is ideal for:

  • Mental health awareness month
  • Supporting special groups that have increased stress (Ex: working parents, caregivers, or new managers) supporting them to be equipped to address mental stress, physical stress and finding focus
  • Supporting employees with stress management

Contents, what will be covered

Exercise 1:  For Physical stress

  • Ex: Knots in your stomach, feeling nervous before a big presentation or client meeting

Exercise 2:  For Mental stress

  • Starting meditation for the first time and only have 1 minute
  • Boost of mental energy mid-day

Exercise 3:  For finding focus

  • Get your mind off of a draining thought or task allowing for entering into new meetings and tasks with a clear head


What participants come away with

  1. The techniques to address each area of stress
  2. How to use those techniques for the actual challenges that they are working through
  3. 1MinMeditation videos for ongoing support and in the moment learning and application. Will be shared with you post workshop.
    1. Can be uploaded to your Internal portal
    2. Can be shared via your internal email for weekly wellness tip support


Delivery: Virtual

Is customization possible? Yes, we intentionally work with you to understand the overall objective as well as take into consideration the industry and day to day culture of your employees.

# Of participants: Up to your discretion and the goal of your workshop (lunch and learn, conference workshop or other) we have found that up to 100 allows for more engagement.


1MinMeditation Workshop Approach

Our workshops are interactive and informative. Participants will learn and implement 3 high impact 1MinMeditation topic specific techniques.

During our time together we will match these techniques to applicable work & real-life scenarios that serve the challenges that participants encounter in their day to day.