Lillian Daniels Learning portfolio

Lillian Daniels Learning portfolio
Below are Examples of Learning resources created by Lillian Daniels. I am dedicated to making an impact in the lives of learners and enabling adjustment and effective execution of goals for organizations.
Note: These have been customized based on client need and will be customized based on your needs as well. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to supporting the Learning goals of your team!


Micro Learning - In this LinkedIn Learning course I worked with the LinkedIn Learning team to understand their goal (Work wellness - Difficult Conversations) and went on to create a series of micro learnings ( each video is under 2 minutes) that are now published in their course Library

LinkedIn Learning course 

 Nano Tips for Using Mindfulness to Handle Difficult Conversations at Work with Lillian Daniels  


Customized workshops - This is an example of a session that I did for Salesforce around "Seated yoga" this was for a virtual conference and is similar in style to other strategic "learn as you go" workshops that I deliver based on Learning needs of the organization.

Client: Salesforce

Requested: Seated yoga for virtual conference Reduce stress & improve circulation

 Video course creation

The design of these courses are adjusted based on organizational needs and leverage adult learning techniques for effectiveness and stickiness. 

This course was aimed at making meditation approachable with a 1 Minute technique. Helping learners find calm anytime & anywhere during the work day"

1 Minute Videos 

1Minute videos are a creation that addresses employees being short on time and the addressing of a specific work challenge or priority. They allow for increased engagement and effectiveness 



I look forward to learning more about your organization answering any questions and learning how I may best be of resource. 

To set up time to speak please feel free to choose a time here that is convenient for your schedule.

Kind Regards,

Lillian Daniels