1MinMeditation Workshops

 Some examples of 1MinMeditation workshops in corporate

ERG events | Special workshop/speaker requests | Monthly Virtual team events
(Ex: yoga/anxiety) |Recurring monthly wellness tune up workshops for stress|
Custom design of Digital trainings around specific topics
| 1Min productivity video solutions | Lunch & Learn Monthly townhall
| Use by managers as team events
| L&D Compatible wellness videos and trainings |

Some 1MinMeditation topic examples:

  1. Yoga & stretching - For stress reduction and improved blood circulation
  2. Stress reduction with ease – Ways to reduce stress in less than 1 Minute with ease
  3. Self-Care for caregivers – For those caring for a sick loved one or managing a home
  4. Empathy training –Empathy, care and value of self and others (DEI)
  5. Managing change with ease – Grow through changes get stronger and more equipped
  6. Self-care checklist – Your toolkit for mental & overall wellbeing during challenging times.
  7. Increase Focus & productivity with ease – Strategic methods for long-term impact in productivity & focus
  8. Relieving stress – Physical
  9. Mental Stress anxiety – Give employees the tools to reduce their anxiety at home and at work
  10. Journaling – Use journaling for effective stress reduction clarification clear your morning, activate gratitude, and reduce your stress at the beginning of the day
  11. Affirmations – How to talk to yourself and gain long-term impact for a happier and healthier mind
  12. Strengthening the immune system daily and with ease – Learn how to make keeping your immune system strong easy and systematic
  13. Self-care Making time for you – Getting on your own calendar in a healing and big way. Learn how to make the time off count and truly come back refueled
  14. Hacking hydration – As solution to many preventable ailments we will go over ways to make hydration easy and the why that tie to our real everyday lives
  15. Veggies made easy – Help reduce preventable diseases by making getting more veggies in daily easy.
1MinMeditation Workshops – 1MinMeditation workshops are interactive 20-40min workshops that give participants a calming break and takes them through timely essentials that allow for more calm at home & work.
Participants will come away able to implement topic specific 1MinMeditation techniques with ease. Through exercises that apply directly to their real day to day needs we aim to equip & empower each participant with the tools to show up happier and healthier with ease.