1MinMeditation Offerings

1MinMeditation and our approach
We specialize in digestible and easy to implement solutions that bring impact and results for your organization bottom line and people goals. We use specific solutions to wellness challenges that pinpoint areas of greatest impact. We then work to make it easy to adapt and relevant to your employees. (Ex: making meditation/mindfulness easy for those short on time by giving a 1Min exercise). With a mix of 1MinMeditation solutions most aligned for your organization needs we work to help your team adapt new habits with ease and enjoy increased health and wellness while also contributing to your organizational goals.


Examples of 1MinMeditation in practice

ERG events | Special workshop/speaker requests | Monthly Virtual team events
(Ex: yoga/anxiety) |Recurring monthly wellness tune up workshops for stress|
Custom design of Digital trainings around specific topics
| 1Min productivity video solutions | Lunch & Learn Monthly Town Halls
      Use by managers as team events
L&D Compatible wellness videos and trainings 

1MinMeditation topic examples:

  1. Yoga & stretching - For stress reduction and improved blood circulation
  2. Stress reduction with ease – Ways to reduce stress in less than 1 Minute with ease
  3. Self-Care for caregivers – For those caring for a sick loved one or managing a home
  4. Empathy training –Empathy, care and value of self and others (DEI)
  5. Managing change with ease – Grow through changes get stronger and more equipped
  6. Self-care checklist – Your toolkit for mental & overall wellbeing during challenging times.
  7. Increase Focus & productivity with ease – Strategic methods for long-term impact in productivity & focus
  8. Relieving stress – Physical
  9. Mental Stress anxiety – Give employees the tools to reduce their anxiety at home and at work
  10. Journaling – Use journaling for effective stress reduction clarification clear your morning, activate gratitude, and reduce your stress at the beginning of the day
  11. Affirmations – How to talk to yourself and gain long-term impact for a happier and healthier mind
  12. Strengthening the immune system daily and with ease – Learn how to make keeping your immune system strong easy and systematic
  13. Self-care Making time for you – Getting on your own calendar in a healing and big way. Learn how to make the time off count and truly come back refueled
  14. Hacking hydration – As solution to many preventable ailments we will go over ways to make hydration easy and the why that tie to our real everyday lives
  15. Veggies made easy – Help reduce preventable diseases by making getting more veggies in daily easy.
  16. Other – If you have a topic that is not shared here certainly let me know and I can tell you how I can accommodate you and create a customized solution


Services are designed to meet your business needs and your package will be customized to your preference of delivery and program needs. We prioritize impact to business needs as well as ease of implementation with each service

1MinMeditation Workshops

Description: Interactive sessions that are 20-50min where participants walk away with implementable tools that help to solve a wellness challenge and insights in how to put these tools into play in their day-to-day activity. Our signature 1MinMeditation videos allow for post workshop implementation.

Note: Multiple sessions available. Workshop content below:

  • 3-4 key topic specific techniques that participants can do with ease, and we tie into their day to day
  • Optional: Follow up video support 3 bitesize videos summary for stickiness of tools as well as ongoing reference, support & learning (can also be helpful for those that were not able to make the session).

1MinMeditation Videos

Description: 1-5min videos that strategically serve your focus on wellness topics to optimize your team. Choose the training or a bundle of trainings that best meet the needs of your team and enjoy the easy to upload content for your internal platform so that they may access with ease.

1MinMeditation Customized digital learning

Description: I work with you directly to determine Topic/Pain point (ex: Leadership managing stress). From there I will create a series of videos aligned with the format of your company (ex: weekly release, module format). Our initial intention is for participants to come away with multiple tools that will allow them to address the pain point with ease and with little disruption to their current workload and obligations.

Below are examples of client requests:

  • Onboarding stress and resilience – Inspired by my time in Public Accounting This is a training that can be 1 time or designed to be incremental. Prioritizing stress and resilience as a training that can impact retention and business goals. I intentionally include methods that address those things that consultants and busy businesspersons will work to overcome.
  • Self-Care for caregivers – This is 4 module trainings that walks you through how those that are caring for others are better enabled to care for their mental, and physical health as well as joy. This is a time that can be a time of turmoil and mental breakdown. The 1MinMeditation trainings makes it a breakthrough that strengthens you and your loved one.
  • Other – Share your goal and I will create a customized digital training for your goals organizational objectives and your audience.

1MinMeditation Consulting with Lillian

This can be based on your needs. Below are some examples

  • Design programming for your high priority areas: Ex: Wellness program design to reduce health care costs due to stress or lifestyle habits
  • Partner with you to design annual wellness program: Based on your company needs. Serve as content creator and facilitator of wellness workshops, programming, and delivery of wellness resources to your employees based on the business and people goals of your organization.
  • Design of a customized program


About Lillian Daniels

My name is Lillian Daniels, and I am the founder of 1MinMeditation. I am passionate about getting you measurable and impactful wellness results. I am a certified yoga instructor trained in Thailand and I leverage my experience working in corporate (KPMG accounting firm and CPG leader Unilever) as well as my over 10 years in designing easy to adapt and effective wellness solutions. I look forward to helping you and your organization and answering any questions that you have.


Clients & Industry Include
Salesforce, Persona, Washington DC public Schools, CBH (Philadelphia Behavior Health organization), Banking, Asset Management and Tech