Copy of Services

Workshops -  Customized presentations that focus on Stress reduction, increased productivity and focus through easy to implement habits. Follow up group coaching reviewing activities included. 

Creation of Wellness Content - Digital platforms, video, Instagram, internal resource for employees, wellness community members or audiences. As seen in Food52.

Recurring Classes - A set day and time where members can drop in for an easy mindful moment to add calm to hectic days and to give the space and time to ask questions about stress reducing solutions (conducted for 10-30min and questions are answered). 










  • Learn the 1min meditation and how to use it in
  • Stress reduction
  • Focus and intention setting
  • Life hack Worksheet
  • Lifestyle solutions
    • How to prepare veggies easily
    • Key recipes (customized for your group based on restraints ex: time and convenience).
  • Coaching session
    • Follow up answering of questions
"I just want to say thank you Lillian this helped me so much in reducing my anxiety and it’s so easy that I was able to add it to my morning routine"
- Post Workshop Coaching Session Participant


Instagram Pre-Recorded Content

Instagram Live classes 

  • 6-10 15 sec recordings demonstrating the 1MinMeditation and how to apply it to your audience  
  • Conduct online meditation session teaching 1minmeditation and answering questions
 "This one-minute meditation has been life changing for me. I became familiar with it and you when reading the Skimm a few weeks ago. I am a kindergarten teacher and as you can imagine this back to school time has been very different and anxiety-filled at times. On Friday I took my lunch break in the supply closet(because we can’t eat in the staff room due to Covid) but did the one-minute meditation and felt more energy and calm as I headed back into the classroom. Thank you! Sending positivity from Maine! ❤️"

- Kindergarten Teacher 

“I’ve done some meditation in the past but at times I fall away from the practice, and it’s hard to get motivated to dive in again. This is such a lovely entry point. Thank you”

- Class participant

Recurring Weekly Classes


  • Through offering of 10min sessions attendees are more able to attend.
  • I will teach the 1Min Meditation and break down how to best use it as well as answer additional questions in order to optimize results.

 “This is a great technique and I really like your demonstration. Thank you for offering a new tool to my arsenal!” 

- Class participant 


1MinMeditation Class


  • This is great for brands with a wide wellness audience that would like to offer an easy to access meditation  solution that they can add to their library or their ability to offer your audience.

 “Love this! Thanks for sharing such an easy, accessible technique to help calm and center, Lillian.”

- Rhonda

 “I love this so much! Just tried it for 60 seconds and felt rejuvenated afterwards, almost like I just came out of a tiny nap. Thank you Lillian!”